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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How my holiday season is going...if you can't tell from the bald spots!

Seriously Shawn 

 I want to write a quick entry today and link up to SS and IA's TTUT (because I lurve their meme's), but this post is bound to be as chaotic as my life is right now so I'm just going to apologise in advance for the psychobabble I'm going to throw out here.  Lucky for me... THEY have NO RULES! :)  It's been a crazy season here with work, Sweetpea's school stuff (again SENIOR YEAR people), and all the general calamities December brings.  I'm having to remind myself continuously of the REASON FOR THE SEASON!  It's just it's such a crazy time. On that note,11 Shopping days...ELEVEN! That's all I have left.  I hate last minute things, yet here I am.  Christmas is upon us and I have only half the house decorated and still only 5 presents bought. SERIOUSLY!!!  Wait, no make that four... Sweetpea had a funeral to sing at with her Madrigal's choir on Sunday and she didn't want to wear heels, so I caved and gave her the cute black boots I had bought her for Christmas.  (So sad, one of her favorite teachers passed away last week of ovarian cancer, only 32 years old). 
   So far I have the tree up and the living room decorated, I finished the dining room last night, I did only a few small touches in the kitchen.  The Sweetest Guy in the World hung some of the outside lights on the porch last night and put up that tree, he says he has only about 10 more 150 light strands to do-he thinks his last name is Griswald apparently.  So on my to-do list:
1. Make the front door wreath.
2. Make the two wreaths and decorate the garland for the porch.
3. Add the final touches to the wreaths for the bedrooms and the office door.
4. Finish the Christmas shopping.
5. Wrap presents-(how tacky would it be to give everyone but TSGITW and Sweetpea gift cards?)
6. Make the hors d'oeuvres for the Christmas parties on Wed and Fri nights of this week- Also pick up the hostess gifts for these parties...oops!
7. Get started on the Christmas candy making.
All over blogland I keep seeing all of these beautifully decorated spaces, craft projects, awesomely wrapped gifts, and yummy candies and snacks- I have one question...HOW IN THE HELL do ya'll do it all?  I can barely keep up with the few things I'm doing for Christmas this year and still manage to work and keep up with my family!  My list is actually pretty short, comparitively. Oh I'm sure I have lots of other things to add to that list, but quite frankly, I'm boring myself and I hate hearing myself whine.
   On the plus side, I have had alot more fun this holiday season than I have in the past when I thought everything had to be PERFECT!!!  I've made more homemade peppermint cocoa and sat drinking it with the ones I love.  I've seen my Saints win a few times on lazy Sundays.  I've spent more time with my mama.  I got to see my sweet girl and her friends perform in their Madrigal Feast (think Medevial Times, only seasonal, funny, and on a slightly less grand scale). My house may only be half-decorated and the dining room floor may look like Christmas threw up on it until these last projects are completed, but at least the majority of my stress has stayed confined at work.  I wonder if it will be worth it when I'm killing mself to get things ready in my few days off before the BIG DAY?  I'm thinking yes!
   We leave on the 21st to head to Birmingham for an early Christmas with TSGINTW's family.  We'll be back for Christmas Eve dinner with my mom and my lil sis and her hubby, Midnight Mass, then Christmas day with just us, my sweet Mama and Sweetpea, then the day after with my late husband's family, and working in a vivsit with the bestie and her sweetie (who just so happens to be TSGITW's bf).  I love Christmas, I just hate feeling unprepared.  Again, I need to remind myself that this season is about the birth of Christ and family...not all the other stuff that I seem to keep focusing on.
   I'm gearing up for the New Year in the midst of all this chaos.  I don't make resolutions, but I do try to set personal goals to be accomplished within the coming year.  I hope to share those soon. 
    I'm gonna leave you with a few pics from Sweetpea's Madrigal Feast sweet girl works hard on this performance all year.  This is her last Madrigal dinner :( tear! 

SORRY, ya' ready to add the pics and realized these are the only two I have on my puter at work.  Oh well, just like Christmas this year, I'm slacking. Thanks for listening to my crazy rambling, Merry Christmas ya'll.  Just remember :
The spirit of Christmas is not in the presents, but in HIS presence!


  1. Wow, you make it sound so nice to not necessarily be 100% prepared for Christmas!! This is the first year that I feel like I have everything under control well in advance...the shopping done, the baking done, the decorating done...Usually I'm scrambling!! lol

  2. Girl, I'm looking at your to-do list and it makes me sleepy. I may need a nap after I post this comment. You better get busy! And I think you need to teach us how to make wreath. Is it easy?

    Love the pics of Sweetpea! So beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up! We appreciate you! =)

  3. Hi, new follower via "Talk to us Tuesday"

  4. Your to-do list and mine look pretty darn similar! Having decorated my tree 3 times so far and having zero gifts bought/under the tree makes me feel like this is isn't really happening! I have no idea how those crafters get things done. I saw a bad ass ornament that I wanted to make.. went and bought the supplies and only made it 20 minutes into it and gave up. No time!!! I need a 20 minute or less project with items I already own.... buying supplies nearly breaks the bank!! Love your pics too!! so cute!! Love that you call her Sweatpea!!