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Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Friday! That means it's confessial time ya'll!


that I haven't blogged since last Friday's confessional.  I know, I suck, but I've been crazy busy!  I had the best Easter weekend with TSGITW, his family, Sweetpea, and my own darling Mama!  I'll try not to bore you with tooooooo many details... I'll just say that there was shopping, wonderful seafood (I went to Huck's for fried crawfish TWICE last weekend), a birthday party and cookout, midnight egg-dying, Easter baskets, a spectacular performance by Sweetpea at our church's Easter service and a very relaxing Sunday... followed by a week of actual work at my job.

that I have caught up on work and am now blogging from my desk at work, because I forgot to pay my home internet and,well...still haven't gottten around to doing so.

that I only took a half dozen pictures this past weekend and they were all of the midnight egg-dying.


Sweetpea looks adorable, as always, TSGITW and I just look tired...ah youth!

that I'm being a bad Mama this weekend and leaving Sweetpea with my Mama to head to New Orleans with TSGITW for his birthday. In my defense, she's a teenager and it's just not as much fun to hang out with your Mama when you're sixteen, so other than the fact that she's ticked at being excluded from a trip to The Big Easy...she's good with it.

that I'm boring. Yep, that's all I got for this week. Hopefully I'll get up to some debauchery in New Orleans and have more to share next week. You just never can tell! ;)
Ya'll have a fun weekend!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Okay, Okay....I CONFESS!!!!!


Okay...having some Mamarazzi fun....Friday Confessional!

I confess...
that I need some  help here...I'm still not sure if I'm doing this whole link thing right, but it's so darn much fun that I had to try anyway.

I confess...
that I am writing this in a towel at TSGITW's computer and that I tried to hack his password before calling him at work to ask for it. I mean, REAAALLLLYYY??, why, oh why is his home computer password protected anyway when he is the only one who lives here (and with a totally random password that I couldn't remember if I tried)...oh well guess that's just one of those computer genius things huh?

I confess...
that after TSGITW left for work this morning, my OCD side came out and I cleaned his kitchen, took out the trash and started a couple of loads of laundry.  I couldn't help myself... his house is usually so neat and put together, but he's been terribly busy at work and sooooooo....well, you know.

I confess...
that my reasons for cleaning his house up a bit weren't totally selfless. I did it partly because it was bugging  me and partly for the gratification from him that I know it will bring. What can I say, I should have been born in the 50's...I'm a stay at home and take care of my family type of girl.  I work due to circumstance, not because I'm a "modern woman" and I like it. I like doing things for my honey and seeing and hearing his appreciation and wonderment.

I confess...
that I am feeling like a totally crappy mother right now. For the first time in Sweetpea's 16 years, it is Good Friday and I haven't done a darn thing for Easter yet. Well, that's not totally true...I did take her to the mall last Saturday and buy her a new dress to wear Sunday ( I have to brag a bit...she's singing the Easter offeratory...I love to hear my baby sing...she's got real talent ya'll). But, I have done nothing, nada, zip, zilch about an Easter basket.  Even though she says she's too old for an Easter basket, ya know she still NEEDS one so I gotta get off my bum and get something done. I am just so not in the mood this year, but I better figure it out or I'm so gonna lose my "Martha Stewart of MS" title, lol

I confess...
 that instead of doing the afore mentioned Easter shopping (and the grocery shopping and the birthday gift shopping for the party for TSGITW's dad and nephew's bday party tomorrow) last night after work I instead hightailed it to AL to spend the evening going out to dinner and for drinks and karaoke with TSGITW, JO, and her darling bf.  I couldn't help it ya'll, Sweetpea was spending the night with a friend and I wanted to see my honey and my bestie. But oh, the guilt!!!

I confess...
that I feel so much better now! Confession really is good for the soul! Happy Easter to my bloggy pals! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

PS....Oh and btw, I confess...
 that I am doing a total no-no and just linking up now and reading and commenting on other confessions later (cause I'm way behind and in a hurry to get my errands done so I can pick up Sweetpea on time), but I promise I will be a good blogger and do it from my blackberry while I'm in line (cause ya know the lines will be long shopping on Good Friday) at the stores. But, Mamarazzi, if you're reading this I really appreciate the fun and I WILL be a good bloggy friend :). 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday!!! first link party...yay me!

FRIENDSHIP this is my first attempt at a "link party" excited! But first, a great big shout out of THANKS YA'LL!!! to Impulsive Addict and Mamarazzi. They are so sweet and I have already received comments back from both of them after commenting on their blogs. They even helped me to get my email set up to my blog! So, again, THANKS!!!
   My blog today is posted in the color PURPLE because today's theme for WWTK is friendship and my bestie loves purple!!!
   The QUESTIONS (and my answers, of course):


{1} Do you make friends easily?
     Um...typically, I would say no...I make acquaintance-type friends quite easily, true friends (you know, the ones that grab hold of your heart and won't let go?) I have a few and I have known them forever. I am one of those love -to -make -new- friends type of people, however. it just takes me a little time to get to that "you are my friend and I trust you implicitly" stage!
{2} What 3 qualities are a MUST in a friend?
     A. HONESTY!!!! Lies will ruin a friendship! BIG lies (ie: "I wasn't kissing your boyfriend, I was telling his lips a I had to get really close."), little lies (ie: "No, you look great in a should totally buy that." hear later at the pool..."Wow, check out the fat chick in a bikini"...yeah, not so much loving you then) ALL LIES STINK!!!
   B. SUPPORT!!!
"Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support" true. The best friends in life are the ones that you may go long periods of time without talking to (you know, life happens and you drift away) but when you do reconnect it's like you've never been apart.One of those is my dear friend J1 (had to give her a # cuz there's a J2- btw the #'s represent only the order in which I met these you two if you read this quit speculating!!) Anyway... I've had some serious crap in my life over the past few years. Back in 2009, I lost my husband (D) to a rare form of cancer. J1 and I have been friends since we were 7 years old, but due to life we would lose touch, reconnect, lose touch again, this point in our lives, we had physically "seen" one another exactly ONCE in 17 years...but she supported me through this crisis 100%...even driving from TX to attend the funeral! ( I also had major support from J2 and S as well!)
  C.  HUMOR! I must have laughter in my life...I love the fact that my friends can say some random something and have me literally laughing out loud! Sometimes, I will think back on a convo I had days before with one of them and find myself giggling! I try to do this quietly or else I get strange looks from the people who aren't in on the joke. Plus, they must "humor" me and sometimes that probably puts a strain on my friendships.
{3} What makes YOU a good friend?
     Wow! That's a hard one...I guess the fact that I truly love and care about my friends makes me a good friend. Each of my close friends is family to me. I try to be a good friend and be there for them when they need me, even if all I can do is give them my undivided attention and listen to their woes.
{4} Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life? Yes? Tell us about the meet up. No? Who would you love to meet?
     Nope...I'm new to "blog-world" so I haven't really gotten to know anyone yet, but based on the blogs I've perused (stalked :) ) and the people I've "talked" to thru e-mail...I'd have to go with Impulsive Addict...she's so sweet and helpful and besides, she looks like she's having so much fun in her pics I want to grab my bestie and head over her way for drinks!
{5} Who is your best friend? Tell us about them.
     Okay, now I know this is a long post and you're bored, but this girl is the BOMB so please read on! J2 (henceforth referred to as JO) has been my bestie for 23 years now. JO and I have been inseperable during this time (well except for that year during/after high school when we refused to speak to one another, but I don't like to think about that time in my life without's just sad...not to mention STUPID since to this day neither of can remember WHY we quit speaking, lol). We have been thru high school (with stupid snotty people we didn't like or who didn't like us because we were snotty, but NEVER stupid), the births of our children, losing husbands ( thru divorce or death)," men that need killin", raising teenagers (okay, still going thru that one), and numerous bottles of wine (to make it thru all of the afore-mentioned things. She is a much better friend than I am, yet she still keeps me around. She not only helped plan my wedding (when I decided not to have a big wedding and instead to plan a wedding with 30 to 40 guests at a friend's home in 2 weeks), she spent 6 hours decorating for it and then showered and dressed in 20 minutes before helping me get ready.  JO was my staunch supporter while my husband was ill, during his death and afterward. This girl took almost A MONTH off of work during his last days and following his death. She drove from her home in FL to MS to Tulane Hospital in New Orleans, LA over and over and over. She took care of my daughter, she brought my Mama to the hospital, she did things for me and D that most members of my family wouldn't do. She literally stayed by my side throughout the entire process. She listened to me cry, withstood my rants and general bitchiness, and even chewed me out and gave "tough love" when I needed it! JO is my daughter's favorite "aunty" and spoils her rotten (I mean how many 16-year olds get Mikimoto pearls and the matching earrings for Christmas...and from a non-blood relation no less?). And to top it all off, she introduced me to "The Sweetest Guy in the World"!!! for which I will be ever grateful.(don't get me wrong, she's not totally selfless...she's demanding recommpence from TSGITW for introducing him to ME -all she wants is a little ole pair of Christian Louboutins) ( and btw JO I am working on him...don't worry, one day you'll get your Louboutins). All in all, she is the very best friend a girl could hope for and she's mine....she's the sister of my heart and I love her!

GOD made us friends because HE knew no Mom could handle us as sisters!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blogging, REALLY???

I know, I know...blogging??? In my defense, I really enjoyed myspace blogging, but once everyone moved their social networking to facebook I had to go along to keep up with all the gossip, um I mean to keep up with what's going on in my friends' lives. My life is really mundane, so I do have to wonder who is going to read all of this drivel I write, but I must confess I follow the blogs of several people I've never met so I feel inspired. Now I want my own little spot in the lime light, so here we are.
   Okay, well I guess we'll start with the title of this blog...yes, I know it's a pretty popular country song. Yes, I know it sounds rather snotty. And it's me...being slighty usual...anyone here who actually knows me will not be surprised (so let's not's okay if you think that, it is true after all ). The title is in reference to being a southern's how we think ya'll (we're just like you...only prettier). If you're a southern woman, just go ahead and admit to it. You'll feel better, trust me.
   Now, as to what will be happening on this blog? Who knows? Whatever strikes my fancy, I suppose. The inspiration to blog came from me being bored and discovering the fabulous world of "blog-stalking"...I happened across this lovely little blog : , which led me to this one: , which I think led to this one: , and that one somehow led me to my favorites: and and the women from the last two have these awesome little link parties and their blogs are so much fun, I want to join! I know, I know, that sounded pathetic. I do have real,live friends though. They're just not always around when I'm bored, so I'm loving this peek into other people's lives. Yes, I know I'm a stalker, but it's okay...apparently blog-stalking is okay. Heck on some blogs it appears to be encouraged!
   Well, guess it's time for me to do some "actual" work, you know, the kind they pay me for. I think I'm really going to like this, providing I end up with a few readers that is. Ya'll have a good day!