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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blogging, REALLY???

I know, I know...blogging??? In my defense, I really enjoyed myspace blogging, but once everyone moved their social networking to facebook I had to go along to keep up with all the gossip, um I mean to keep up with what's going on in my friends' lives. My life is really mundane, so I do have to wonder who is going to read all of this drivel I write, but I must confess I follow the blogs of several people I've never met so I feel inspired. Now I want my own little spot in the lime light, so here we are.
   Okay, well I guess we'll start with the title of this blog...yes, I know it's a pretty popular country song. Yes, I know it sounds rather snotty. And it's me...being slighty usual...anyone here who actually knows me will not be surprised (so let's not's okay if you think that, it is true after all ). The title is in reference to being a southern's how we think ya'll (we're just like you...only prettier). If you're a southern woman, just go ahead and admit to it. You'll feel better, trust me.
   Now, as to what will be happening on this blog? Who knows? Whatever strikes my fancy, I suppose. The inspiration to blog came from me being bored and discovering the fabulous world of "blog-stalking"...I happened across this lovely little blog : , which led me to this one: , which I think led to this one: , and that one somehow led me to my favorites: and and the women from the last two have these awesome little link parties and their blogs are so much fun, I want to join! I know, I know, that sounded pathetic. I do have real,live friends though. They're just not always around when I'm bored, so I'm loving this peek into other people's lives. Yes, I know I'm a stalker, but it's okay...apparently blog-stalking is okay. Heck on some blogs it appears to be encouraged!
   Well, guess it's time for me to do some "actual" work, you know, the kind they pay me for. I think I'm really going to like this, providing I end up with a few readers that is. Ya'll have a good day!



  1. Well, I wrote a great comment but it went away! Ok...I said something along the lines of Mamarazzi and Shawn being fabulous and I'm glad you found me through them! And we loooove comments but we also love to respond back to comments. I was going to seeif you would enable your email. To do that, click on your dash board, edit profile, and then place a check mark next to show email (like 3rd box down) and finally, scroll to the bottom and click save! Ta-da! It's easy! =) thanks for stopping by!!!!


  2. LOL i love that Impulsive has already been here and it telling you how to enable your email.

    i just read a comment from you on my blog and went to reply and your email wasn't there.

    you will love my new Blogging 101 Tips on Tuesday will be filled with great info for new bloggers!

    i love making new blog friends and i have REALLY made some great friendships through blogging.

    so welcome aboard!! join us in a few link parties. we will help you along the way, i promise!

  3. Aw, I love when people join the blog world!!! A friend of mine just did the same thing and its so addicting! I started off stalking and then wondered why no one was talking to me on my own blog.. and realized.. oh!! I have to actually say something to them so they know I exist... I thought my blog was sparkly enough from outterspace that people would just stumble upon greatness.. hah.. ok, overboard, but you know what I mean!! Welcome!! If ya need anything, let me know!! I'd be happy to help!!

  4. Welcome to the Blogspere, you are going to love the friendship you will make here! And for the record, only another blogger will ever understand, my IRL friends think I'm a nut case!

    It looks like you've already gotten offers of help from my friends, please add me to that list!