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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am a sad, sorry blogger!

   Wow! I haven't blogged, or even logged into my blog, since April! I know, sad, pathetic, shows a real lack of motivation...right? Well, that's probably how it looks anyway. Let me see if I can do a quick catchup...bahahahhahaha! Quick...riiiiggghhhhht! I'm Southern ya'll, so grab a glass of tea, sit back and relax, this could take a while.  We Southern girls can get long-winded. I had just (barely) started blogging and life just took over.
   My job went nuts, to begin with.  I work for a Safety training and consulting company, that's fancy speak for a company that trains and drug tests construction workers, ya'll.  Yeah, I know, glamorous... right?  Anyway, we were a relatively new company, but owned by a gentleman with a big name in that industry so when the business took off, it went 90 to nothing!
   The Sweetest Guy in the World and I decided to combine our households, so we set off on an apartment/house search (apartment won by the way...due to the fact that we are staying in my hometown for only a year and then moving to his...we figured an apartment would be a MUCH easier short-term arrangement).  We started the moving process June 1 by moving Sweetpea and I out of our former digs and into the current place and then moved onto his place. NOT as easy as it sounds folks! We are talking THREE (3) WEEKS of moving...yeah FUUUUNNN!!! NOT!  We had 2 FULL households! Two of everything! From livingroom and bedroom furniture, to pots and pans (we kept his because he has a fetish for expensive cookery and his was way nicer than mine lol!), to toilet brushes! And then there was the cleaning of the old apartments, the painting of the new one(what, surely you didn't think I could live with ALL beige walls for a full year!)-just a bit though...2 accent walls and of course the spoiled one had to have her room painted entirely!
   Let's see, then there was the getting ready for school...It's Sweetpea's Senior Year! Then school itself, Friday football (SPs in Guard), Saturday football (USA JAGS-college ball), Sunday football (SAINTS!) and all the usual school stuff X ten! Hellooooo??? Let me say it again...SENIOR YEAR! AAAARRRGGGGGHHH!Now let's add in the fact that my dear sweet Mama had a total knee! And spent several months unable to do much for herself or even I helped her out with grocery shopping, bill paying, laundry...all the everyday, mundane stuff we all take for granted being able to do...and WHEW! I was one tired chick!
    So, I've really missed blogging and am ready to take it back up and enjoy the fun again. Hopefully, I can get my 2 followers back, lol. I'm gonna leave off with a few pics of our new home and whatnot in completely random order to really catch you up!  I'm so glad to be back!-  JENN

We really like holidays!

 Around here, Homecoming means Junior/Senior war with tping glad I live in apartment. Here's Sweetpea and friends off to mess up some poor Junior yards-as payback, of course, for cars that got the tp treatment!
 A shot of SP's room (while in progress...will take some new pics and show you how really cute it is)!
 Some random "rock-bandin" the night away!
 SP and her Dad on Senior night for the athlete's!


  1. That is a lot of stuff in your life that warrants a blog break! Glad you are back and excited to have a new blog friend!! Hugs!!